Daito Nippon Brokerage 大東ニッポン仲介 is a full-service, independent investment and wealth management company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


Since our inception in 2008, Daito Nippon Brokerage has steadily grown to become one of the leading practices in the Asian private and institutional investment management market. Daito Nippon Brokerage provides careful and insightful investment counsel to individuals, families and institutions wishing to invest on the global financial markets for the purposes of capital accumulation or wealth preservation.

We pride ourselves at Daito Nippon Brokerage on being able to offer our clients unfettered access to the markets, asset classes and special situations that many of our competitors cannot. Though we are locally focused on bringing exciting investment opportunities from the East to the West, we are eminently globally relevant.

Our Presence

Our reach extends to stock, commodity and fixed income markets in Europe and the Americas as well as closer to home in China, ASEAN and Australasia. Granting stewardship of your wealth to an investment manager or fiduciary should, preferably, be something you do only once or twice in a lifetime. It’s a decision which should only be made after careful consideration.

Daito Nippon Brokerage diligently guides our clients through the intricacies of the financial markets with an all-encompassing desire to enhance and conserve their wealth.

Daito Nippon Brokerage has a solid history and an enviable reputation for catering to the diverse needs of our clients which has been built upon our single-minded adherence to the fundamental principles of Integrity, Professionalism and Trust. Since our inception, we have secured consistently exceptional returns on investment for private clients seeking to avail themselves of the latest investment opportunities while also delighting our institutional clients with market-beating returns on fixed income investments.

Daito Nippon Brokerage provides bespoke, finely-tuned investment portfolios and associated services that combine to facilitate the realization of our clients’ investment goals. Our investment professionals guide clients through the diverse range of products, asset allocation strategies and related services in a manner consistent with the high-end investment management practices today’s more discerning investor expects. The overwhelming majority of Daito Nippon Brokerage’s new clients come from referrals by existing clients who have a fruitful and rewarding relationship with us.

In the simplest possible terms, it is Daito Nippon Brokerage’s sole aim to generate consistent high returns on investment through our solid commitment to conscientious and assiduous research and analysis. Daito Nippon Brokerage disciplined and proven methodology reliably identifies opportunities within equities, fixed income and commodities markets. The onus is upon us to temper the obvious desire for profit with the application of stringent risk mitigation measures designed to minimize depletion of our clients’ initial capital investment.

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