Daito Nippon Brokerage Corporate Advisory Services division is chiefly focused on guiding and advising small and mid-capitalized companies throughout several key markets including Asia and Europe.


Our business is based on careful evaluation and understanding of facts but that is not the whole story. As anyone who has successfully owned or managed a business can attest, building a company requires passion, sacrifice and perseverance. Our clients acknowledge what we do for them because we have an in-depth understanding of what their business is about, top to bottom.

Daito Nippon Brokerage Corporate Advisory Services specializes in locating purchasers for businesses, soliciting investment finance (venture capital and private equity) and devising strategies for growth. CAS principals have, between them, accumulated over 30 years’ blue chip experience in creating and preserving shareholder value.

Our principals have, in the past, purchased, managed and sold their own highly-profitable companies and this experience has endowed them with an insight into our clients’ requirements and objectives, an attribute that many of our rivals lack.

Our creativity, proficiency, wide-reaching network of partners and, above all, our commitment to seeing the task through to its end are what differentiates us from our rivals.

Raising Finance

Daito Nippon Brokerage Corporate Advisory Services are particularly adept at sourcing both venture capital and private equity funding for growing businesses keen to take the next evolutionary step.

Regardless of whether you require venture capital investment, growth capital or to procure project financing, you’ll find that Daito Nippon Brokerage Corporate Advisory Services possesses the expertise and access to ensure that your requirements are met.

Our distinctive and pioneering methodology ensures that clients are always provided with the very best possible service.

We Know What You Require

For rapid growth companies, Daito Nippon Brokerage Corporate Advisory Services can facilitate access to a wide-reaching network of Asian and global investors complemented by highly-meticulous transaction management prowess.

This notwithstanding, it is only prudent that, when deciding upon the most suitable corporate finance adviser to help you realize your corporate objectives when raising capital, you must be satisfied that they have an in-depth understanding of the current venture capital and private equity fund markets.


What We Do

Our business-centric approach influences everything we do. We are rational, seasoned business people with pertinent sector knowledge and highly-tuned business acumen. Our clients often remark that we have considerable empathy with their aspirations and objectives and possess a similar tenacious, results‐driven outlook.

We retain experienced fund raising professionals who have been at the vanguard of our efforts to establish and maintain our market dominant position.

Put simply, we make it our business to understand exactly what it is our clients are seeking to achieve and, consequently, we are able to market the benefits to our extensive network of institutional investors with the benefit of unique insight and passion.

Who We Can Help

Our deep-seated experience spans several sectors including consumer, web-based and digital media, technological innovation and renewable energy. We concentrate on providing upper quartile advisory services and support to some of the most imaginative, innovative entrepreneurs and management teams.

We forge, develop and nurture extensive industry contacts as part of our commitment to providing only premium services to our clients. Each and every transaction we bring to successful completion serves to further strengthen and reinforce our industry network; to the ultimate benefit of our clients.