Daito Nippon Brokerage pride ourselves on our ability to cater to the needs of any and all investors. Clients come to us for a broad range of reasons.


Some are seeking steady, dependable income on their existing capital while others want to use a high tolerance for investment risk to accumulate capital more quickly. Others simply want to invest in good, solid companies over the long term with a view to building capital to transfer on to family at some point in the future.

The simple objective of this strategy, as the name suggests, is to generate high returns. Its focus is biased toward short and medium-term position-taking within currency and the markets for small/medium capitalized equities.

Daito Nippon Brokerage thoroughly analyzes the fundamentals of each company into which we consider investing your hard-earned capital. The outlook for the sector in which the prospective companies operate is evaluated for its short, medium and long-term potential and this is measured against its performance, past and present, before any stock allocation recommendation is made.

Before recommending potential currency pairing options, our analysis teams re-examine the constantly changing economic outlook and fundamentals of several sovereign states and weigh these against those of other nations. We look at actual and projected sovereign bond yields, inflation forecasts, money supply numbers, export and GDP growth projections as well as the country’s exposure to debt.

The potential for high returns means that this strategy carries a heavier exposure to the potential for capital depletion and, consequently, it tends to be attractive those clients with a higher tolerance to risk.


The aim of this strategy is to focus on income generation. It is geared toward the acquisition of corporate and/or government bonds which pay a regular, fixed coupon on capital invested. There are an infinite number of combinations that can be utilized to achieve the desired yield.

A higher yield requirement usually necessitates a heavier bias toward corporate bonds whilst, conversely, a less ambitious yield target would see a greater bias toward government or municipal authority bonds.

The risk profile of these investments is lower than with the high return strategy. The spectrum of companies and governments in which bonds can be held is as diverse and varied as the equity market.

Blue Chip Strategy

This strategy aims to expose your capital to the solid performance and robust balance sheets of large-cap corporations with a view to securing long-term gains whilst also benefitting from annual dividend payments.

Daito Nippon Brokerage’s investment professionals, together with our strategists and analysts, bring the same meticulous processes and diligence to bear upon our evaluation methods prior to the recommendation of any equity investment.

The risk profile of Daito Nippon Brokerage Blue-Chip Strategy facilitates the realization of solid returns on investment but with reduced potential for capital loss.