The first sale of equity by a company to the public is called an Initial Public Offer (IPO). IPOs are issued with the aim of generating capital to fund expansion or diversify and to have said equity traded on the appropriate stock exchanges.


Daito Nippon Brokerage IPO's gives investors the opportunity to acquire a share in the profits of an existing company. We at Daito Nippon Brokerage can advise on preparing for your IPO.

Our expert teams can help on matters such as meeting industry-recognized standards for accounting and reporting, streamlining processes, assessing the impact of debt and liabilities, determining issues for material disclosure and, of course, underwriting entire issues or as part of a consortium.

We can also provide illiquid investors with IPO financing which enables investors to provide a margin amount whilst a specialist financing company provides the remainder subject to an agreed rate of interest as well as other terms and conditions.